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National Products Fulfilment Seeks to Fulfill Asian Ecommerce Market

National Products Fulfilment, a fulfillment industry leader attended the Last Mile Fulfilment Asia 2017 event last 2 March held in Singapore. National Products Fulfilment, also known as NPFulfilment, looks forward to introducing its fulfillment technology and services to the Asian ecommerce market.

Rodney Bartley, Managing Director, said,

“We are excited about the opportunities available in the Asian ecommerce market for our Australian clients. We also feel that we are prepared to enter and succeed in this market with our technology that includes automated packing machines, conveyor systems, pick to light and pick to voice technologies.”

In preparation to serve Asian and other global clients, NPFulfilment has also expanded their fulfillment services with new facilities in Melbourne and Perth. The new facilities are part of the steps by NPFulfilment implementation of solutions designed to exceed global customer expectations while managing ever increasing order volumes.

The new 2000sqm meter Melbourne facility, with an inventory capacity of 2400 pallets, opened in September 2016 as a result of client demand. Additionally, the Perth area facility measures 1000sqm and equipped with 400 pallets. The goal is to provide faster shipping for clients with customers in the region and beyond and accommodate the increased stock of their clients. For example, the new Melbourne facility will allow clients to store their inventory in Melbourne rather than in Sydney, thus reducing shipping expenses and increasing the speed of delivery of products worldwide.

Since 2002, National Products Fulfilment has provided exceptional fulfillment services. Headquarted in Sydney, they are Australia’s premier warehousing, logistics and distribution provider. NPFulfilment provides clients with ISO 9001 quality accredited systems, NPFulfilment’s Inventory Management, Order Processing & Reporting has led them to become one of the country’s leading suppliers in the industry. With distribution centres located in fast growing consumer markets across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, NPFulfilment allows clients more accessibility to their customers. In addition to fulfillment services, they also provide direct selling and multi-level marketing, direct marketing and DRTV fulfillment. More information about NPFulfilment can be found at

As Seen On Discovery Channel

On Friday, September 23, National Products Fulfilment was featured on Discovery Channel’s award-winning series Innovations with Ed Begley Jr. The segment profiled how NPFulfilment supports online retailers in Australia, New Zealand and Asia.


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