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We’re dedicated to offering the fastest
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Providing Order Fulfilment in New Zealand

National Products Fulfilment (NPFulfilment) is the leading order fulfilment company in New Zealand, Australia and Asia providing our services from Sydney across to Perth, down to Melbourne and Singapore.

NPFulfilment is the only fulfilment provider in New Zealand that guarantees to have your orders picked and packed within in the same day or within 24 hours of order receipt.

We provide the latest technology and logistics solutions, giving you confidence that you and your customers receive the best order fulfilment services in the industry.

What industries do we provide a service for?

The NPFulfilment New Zealand facility provides a full spectrum of services across a range of industries including e-commerce fulfilment, direct selling and multi-level marketing, direct marketing and DRTV Fulfillment.

  • E-Commerce Fulfilment – NPFulfilment New Zealand provides the online retail industry’s fastest and most accurate E-Commerce fulfilment solution. Our state-of-the-art interface is directly integrated with the world’s leading shopping carts and e-commerce platforms. It easily integrates into your e-commerce site, directly linking to our in-house fulfilment, payment processing gateways, and shipping systems. With total integration, order processing automation, and guaranteed same day shipping of all orders received, no one provides more effective E-Commerce order fulfillment better than NPFulfilment. NPFulfilment brings reliability to the E-Commerce order fulfilment process. Through complete integration between your system and ours, each order is picked and packed in minutes, with guaranteed shipping within 24 hours. To ensure total accuracy of your orders, every item you ship is scanned before packing, eliminating virtually all traditional pick and pack errors. Our process is far more effective than traditional order fulfilment models that have been inconsistent, create delays in shipping, lose products and have higher instances of expensive reverse-logistics. At NPFulfilment, we understand that if your business does not provide fast and accurate delivery of purchased products, online shoppers will switch their loyalty to another business. We also understand that some of your customers view offerings through your website, and then call to place their order. Our order management and order processing systems easily integrate with all retail channels. This provides your business with a flexible and customised online retail options. NPFulfilment is committed to protecting your brand by providing streamlined order processing, order import and order management solutions.
  • Direct Selling and Multi-Level Marketing – NPFulfilment works hard to ensure that your direct selling is handled in the most effective manner. Our integrated order systems are in place to ensure that you stay ahead of the competition through our highly effective order fulfilment procedure. We take care of the logistics of your direct selling so that you are ensured that your customers receive their order on time. Our smart technology allows us to easily and instantly link your customer’s orders with our warehouse. We guarantee that your orders are packed and shipped within the same day or within 24 hours of order placement.
  • Direct Marketing – NPFulfilment has earned a reputation for a high level of customer satisfaction in direct marketing. The NPFulfilment facility in New Zealand can instantly link with your direct marketing platforms. This allows us to pick, pack and ship your orders, saving you time and expense. We are proud to be part of the success of our clients as a long-term partner with marketing efforts to meet a constantly changing marketing, database, and fulfillment requirements that are a part of today's fast-paced marketplace. Our team members have extensive backgrounds in mailing, database management and fulfillment. We work diligently alongside our clients to achieve the desired results. Our rapid order fulfilment helps ensure that you are on top of your competitors in this area of marketing.
  • DRTV Fulfilment – NPFulfilment is recognized as leaders in the Direct Response TV fulfilment field and 3Pl services. We recognize that time is of the essence and the power of television advertising can generate huge spikes of orders. Often your customers can have numerous marketing campaigns, each with its own unique set of circumstances such as warehouse storage, financial transactions, auto-ship programs, assemblies and shipping. We have the systems and infrastructure to deliver your product to your customer, accurately and on time.


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