Cloud Computing


Recently, retail giant Amazon announced that they will be expanding their famous Web Services Cloud to China.  They are also planning to invite select businesses there to test out the service and experiment with its vast functionality.

It’s important for you to realize that the Cloud, as designed by Amazon, Oracle, or even Australia’s BitCloud, is a great advancement of technology that you should take advantage of.  Now that China is receiving access to Amazon’s cloud, does it make you wonder how it could come in handy for your business?  There are hundreds of benefits to using the Cloud as a consumer, but how can it make your company more productive and efficient?

Real-time product or warehouse monitoring, data storage, and the general element of flexibility and scalability are all basic but substantial benefits the Cloud adds to you’re your business.  It can make existing systems operate better, and the integration of new technologies less painful. What other qualities of cloud based computing do you think could supplement your daily operations?