Triggered Email and Why You Should Use Them

6-16Compared to regular email messages, triggered emails actually get 100% higher open rates according to That makes them an especially strong method to leverage your content marketing messages in a way that is both timely, and very relevant to your particular audience.

Here’s how triggered emails work…

You can set up emails to be triggered by certain website activity, user profile data such as birthdays, expiration dates, changes in opportunities, and more. By configuring your email marketing program to integrate with your website, you can even trigger an email to deliver more information about a specific page or section of your site that the user shows the most interest in. These product-specific emails can get open rates as high as 30% or more.

Just to illustrate these triggered emails in example, imagine you are a car dealer. You can set up triggered emails to occur for things like birthdays, tag renewals, oil changes, and other maintenance suggestions. Or when a website visitor spends a significant amount of time browsing one specific model of car, you can send him or her an email specifically about that car!

In today’s digital marketing age, it’s all about working smarter, and a great first step to accomplish this is triggered emails.